Sunday, December 11, 2016

the Parable of the Shirt

This morning, I got up and included a pink shirt in my attire.

I choose my shirt based on what is next in line in the closet.

I went to PEETs coffee, shopped for a few groceries, and headed home.

When I returned home, I put on my computer reading glasses and noticed that what I previously thought was a pink shirt was, in fact, a pink STRIPED shirt.

Now remember, in Buddhism, we are taught to reject dualism (e.g. solid v. striped).

I even thought I should consider rejecting the dualism of pink (color) v. white (apparent lack of color). In fact "white is a mixture of the three primary colors of light (red, green, and blue) to which the cones in our eyes respond.

Dark is the absence of light. Bright is a plethora of photons striking the rods in our eyes.

Darkness is also a metaphor for ignorance as in "Dark Ages."

On the other hand, which is handy, light is alleviation of ignorance - knowledge.

Then, owing to a wee bit of reflective thinking, I arrived at the conclusion that I was wasting a copious quantity of time on something (like most things) that "didn't matter."

A little bit like the time you just spent reading this posting.

Greater or lesser, we are only the vehicle by which consciousness is aware of itself.