Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017


If there is just one word which describes the trumpster in the dumpster admnistation to date, it is this: CHAOS. Remember, Trump as valedictorian of his class at Wharton, didn't even make the honor roll. Delusional. (and utterly unloved - the real root of his problem)

A free and open press acts as a regulator, interacting between the people, the political parties, and the government of the country.

Trump's 77 minute monologue was a disaster for him. While the trumpster in the dumpster might be impressed with his banter (along with his cult of believers), few others are impressed. I, for one, am not impressed to the slightest measurable degree.

The trumpster in the dumpster is playing the same old "blame game." Take the new 'east wing' as one example...


Who is this "THEY?" They are the international press! And THEY are attempting to answer the question: "Who is this loser?" Yes, Virginia, "a loser" can win an election.

President Trump just can't stop talking about the 2016 presidential election. During an hour-plus press conference on Thursday, the president called his November win the “biggest Electoral College win since Ronald Reagan.” It wasn't.

It (Trump's win) wasn’t the biggest win since Reagan. Far from it. Trump's miserable electoral win was 46th biggest of 58 elections.

Trump's wasn’t even the biggest win since "W" (43). In 2012, Obama won 332 electoral votes. And in 2008, Obama won 365. Both times, Obama managed to win over 60% of the electoral college votes. Obama came close to besting President Bill Clinton, who won 70.4% of the Electoral College votes in 1996.

It was, however, a win over George W. Bush, who barely squeaked 50% of the Electoral College vote in either of his “stolen” elections. In 2000, Bush won 271 Electoral Votes and in 2004, he was reelected with 286 votes. But Trump’s win was smaller than fellow Republican President George H.W. Bush, who earned 79.2% of the electoral vote in 1988.

Try FACT CHECING the news conference.

Trump is so 'out of it' that serious concerns regarding his mental stability are being discussed in the halls of congress. Some have held these concerns for years. His cavalier attitude regarding national security is just another small aspect (symptom) of the looming issue (disease).

Trump may have an inflated sense of entitlement in which he sees himself as worthy of adoration (Magis adoratur). I don't see it.

I looked for an appropriate clip, but settled on Bernie Kopell, of Kaos, Losing Agents:

the trumpster in the dumpster's perception:

the perception of the educated and/or informed

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump's True Religion (TTR)

Time to introduce BATHOS.

The trumpster in the dumpster is not trusted by the intelligence community. In fact, the words Trump and intelligence are mutually exclusive.

‘He will die in jail’: Intelligence community ready to ‘go nuclear’ on Trump.

more to follow...

The labored efforts of the anti-americans is apparently all about undermining the minimum wage, the medical safety net, and the retirement safety net. It is all about free-fall. (not from the fat to the fire, but from the grill to the dirt floor)

It may have started before "tits and bits."

The trumpster in the dumpster has a consistent way of picking the worst as well as bringing out the worst...

I would NEVER call the trumpster in the dumpster 'a tin soldier completely devoid of a brain. NEVER.

The Trumps reinvent their own history with 'alternative facts.'

It is all good. (Good, in fact - PRIME - bathetic comedy, that is...)

Meanwhile, back at the lagoon...

Things went from favorable to unfavorable as slick as a slider off the grill!

You know the old adage:

and, so it came to passe'

It may be that the trumpster in the dumpster once tweeted out a true statement (a unique experience for everyone).

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Turmoil in the Toilet

The trumpster in the dumpster has not "drained the swamp." Instead, he has created an open sewer.

If the trumpster follies was a television series, it would be canceled. The Box Set at Blockbuster would be on the discontinued dollar shelf.

The trumpster in he dumpster doesn't realize how close to free-fall his administration is becoming.

The low-lifes that watch FAUX Snews put this scum bag where he is and they just dig in with denial...

T in D folks are good at denial - and little else.

The trumpster in the dumpster folks are not the type o' people I admire.

Get it?

A 1 and a 2, they are "to" dumb "too" get it.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

In like Flynn

David Brooks (NYT) has called the trumpster in the dumpster administration "a rolling derailment."

And then, there is the "standing ovation."

Trump's botched immigration order has given judges a chance to restrict executive power over national security. (not)

"A better leader would ideally have been more open-minded but at the very least have kept his mouth shut in the face of uncertainty."

"if he wants to be the leader of the free world, he needs to exhibit the willingness to evolve and consider other points of view.." (ibid)

"Trump has exhibited the worst trait any leader can exhibit – blind ego." (ditto)

Trump has evolved - from the Ugly American into the Ugliest American. The world can only laugh (and, they ARE - often and LOUDLY).

"Donald Trump keeps putting his foot in his mouth. His orange, stupid, obnoxious foot."

What more need be said?

Apparently the trumpster in the dumpster is not a very good judge of character.

And Flynn is just the tip of the iceberg!